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We are happy to announce, the offical registration phase fpr the 2022 national camp in Königsdorf hast startet!

On the other hand, Corona is far from being off the table and so we receive many questions. With this page we would like to give you the best possible overview of our plans and decisions.

The aim is that you can register yourself/your child for the national camp with a safe feeling.

Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions!

The questions will be updated and supplemented on an ongoing basis. 

(Status March 2022)

For the national camp, we have to implement federal, state and

regional regulations. These are for example:
- Infection Protection Act (
- Covid 19 Protection Measures Exemption Ordinance (COVID 19 Protection Measures Exemption Ordinance)
- Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance (
- Regional regulations ("This applies in the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen" -
- Protection concept Jugendsiedlung Hochland e.V. (

For many aspects that the Corona pandemic will bring about in the future, we are looking into the proverbial "crystal ball": for which rules exactly will apply in summer of 2022, no one can predict with absolute certainty. Nevertheless, in consultation and after much exchange with different people, institutions and levels, we are sticking to the basic orientation of the 2022 national camp!

"We currently assume that the 2022 national camp will take place under 2G and 3G conditions, with tests differentiated according to age groups."

In most cases, two vaccination doses with the vaccines approved in Germany are necessary for complete vaccination protection according to the current regulation. There are special regulations, for example, for people with genesis. For a detailed list and the current status of the valid regulations, you can find information on the status "fully vaccinated" e.g. at

On the one hand, we want to create as much freedom as possible, but on the other hand, we also want to create as much security as necessary for the individual participant. The current definition represents what we consider to be the best ratio at the moment. It has been agreed with the Federal Executive Committee and our hygiene officer.

For the participation of people who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons or who (so far) do not fall under the above recommendations, there is currently no final concept - but we are working on it and will present one as soon as possible.

We are mainly guided by the recommendations of the "Standing Commission on Vaccination" (STIKO).

We cannot give a fixed date for this question at the moment. This is because this decision is largely dependent on the overall development of the pandemic and the political decisions. We are constantly monitoring the situation and developments and will also continuously assess whether the camp can continue to take place or whether a cancellation will be necessary. 

The next federal-state conference will take place on 17 March, at which we expect new recommendations. Afterwards, the camp management, the Federal Executive Board and experts (e.g. hygiene officers) will discuss the matter again.

Yes! If the national camp is cancelled by us (due to corona), the individual participant will not incur any costs - the paid camp fee will be refunded in full!

Basically yes. We don't want to and can't dictate to anyone which measures and regulations still ensure a "safe and good" feeling - but having this should be the basis for participation.


The costs are borne by the federal government. We try to conclude contracts for services and purchases for the national camp as late as possible. Cancellation arrangements are also made with the service providers as late and moderate as possible in the event of a cancellation due to Corona, in order to keep any cancellation costs as low as possible.


Whether there will be compulsory testing at the camp, and if so, to what extent, cannot be said at this point in time. This depends largely on the legal requirements. Should there be an obligation to test, we will check how this could be implemented at the camp.

The range of possible restrictions is very wide. Many of them are already known in this or similar ways from other areas of social life:
- Restriction of the number of participants
- Restrictions on access to the camp site
- Wearing the prescribed mouth-nose mask
- Continuous testing
- Negative testing at the beginning of the measure (= 2G+)
- Determination of maximum group sizes = small groups
- Arrival from hot-spot areas not permitted
- Increased capacity for daily hygiene in compliance with the distance rules with control by the teamer
- Quarantine measures in the event of an outbreak of infection with possible official order to break up the camp and request participants to leave.
Attention: This is only an exemplary presentation of possible measures - none of them is currently prescribed or planned for us and the camp!

You can contact the national camp team at any time via the e-mail address