Questions & Answers

How does a BdP camp look like?

The German scouting style in the BdP is quite special. Maybe you have already met some german scouts on international scout events.

We sleep in black tents on the ground and sometimes we even make fire in them. We have morning and evening ceremonies in circles.

Singing, playing and pioneering are some of our methods. Our hierarchies are very low - we have young leaders (sometimes under 18) who take on a great deal of responsibilities. Our troops also like their traditions a lot and will be happy to share them with you.

The camp will be divided in eight sub camps.

Check out the video of the last national jamboree or the video of the national jamboree 2009.

Who is hosting the camp?

What’s up with this black-tent hype?

They are a very big part of our scouting culture.

We even have cafés and bars in these tent constructions where over 100 people easily find enough space to hang out, play games, chat, discuss, listen to serious discussions, sing or listen to other people sing and so much more.