Questions & Answers

When will the camp happen?

26th of June – 5th of ¬August 2017*

* longer stays are possible:

  • when taking part in the construction and deconstruction camp
  • when having organized home hospitality
  • pre- or aftertours with your partnergroups

How does the registration work?

Pre-registration by 31st of December 2016 (via email: ).Binding registration by end of February 2017

Can we attend without a host-group?

Non-matched international groups are not in our concept of the camp. If you don't have a host-group from the BdP, contact us and we will support you in finding one.
Alternative: Application as IST is possible

How does a BdP camp look like?

The German scouting style in the BdP is quite special. Maybe you have already met some german scouts on international scout events.

We sleep in black tents on the ground and sometimes we even make fire in them. We have morning and evening ceremonies in circles.

Singing, playing and pioneering are some of our methods. Our hierarchies are very low - we have young leaders (sometimes under 18) who take on a great deal of responsibilities. Our troops also like their traditions a lot and will be happy to share them with you.

The camp will be divided in eight sub camps.

Check out the video of the last national jamboree or the video of the national jamboree 2009.

How do we find/get a German partner-group, if we do not have one yet?

What’s up with this black-tent hype?

They are a very big part of our scouting culture.

We even have cafés and bars in these tent constructions where over 100 people easily find enough space to hang out, play games, chat, discuss, listen to serious discussions, sing or listen to other people sing and so much more.

Where will the camp be?

Großzerlang, 110km north of Berlin.
check out the official homepage of the camp site

Who can participate?

Guides and scouts from 12-27 years, group leaders (older than 27) and IST Attention: the relation between guides and scouts (under 27) and leaders (above 27) needs to be appropriate. If you are not sure about it:

How much does the camp cost?

For participants of the camp (guides, scouts, leaders): 170€ (travel costs, home hospitality, pre- or aftertours as well as pocket money are not included! Applications for funds in your country or in Germany might be possible and your partner-group can assist you in the process.)

For ISTs: 170€ (travel costs, home hospitality, pre- or aftertours as well as pocket money are not included!)

Who is hosting the camp?

Can I participate just for a few days?

Yes, that is also possible. Visitors staying overnight need to register and will pay 20 Euro per night. Tents and all necessary material has to be brought to the camp.

Can I participate as an IST-member?

yes, please send us an email ( and you will receive further information.

How can we receive the latest news?

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Funding - financing?

Your partner-group can apply for governmental funding for your international meeting. This may help you in paying for participation-fee, transport, material or activities you want to plan for the pre- or after-tour. Either way, you need to speak with you partner-group about this and plan the financing together.

Maybe your own country offers funding for meetings/projects like these as well :)